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Our aim is to help companies to think about how they can improve employee health at work, not simply preserve it.
We have the expertise, experience and resources to plan and execute on a best-in-class health programme for you.

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We have a number of free Occupational Health and Employee Wellbeing infographics available to download below.

Yodha Infographic 1

10 ways to make wellbeing a part of your daily working habits

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Yodha Infographic 2

How colleagues can remotely support each other to look after their mental health

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Yodha Infographic 3

Things managers can do to be more confident in supporting employees mental health

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Yodha Infographic 4

How working from home can be used as an opportunity to look after your mental health

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Yodha Infographic 5

Ways leaders can check in with their teams' mental health

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Yodha Infographic 6

Making mental health a part of your work culture

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Yodha Infographic 7

How organisations can focus on a culture of wellbeing.

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Yodha Infographic 8

Ways HR can support the mental health of employees who are working from home

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Yodha Infographic 9

Daily habits that will help enhance employees mental health

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Latus Infographic 10

Playing your part in building a mental health friendly work environment.

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Latus Infographic 11

How managers can support staff who are experiencing mental health problems.

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Latus Infographic 12

How managers can have a conversation with staff about their mental health.

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The Future Of Employee Wellbeing Is Yodha

Yodha, from Latus Health, is the world's first Connected Health Platform.
Integrated healthcare and wellbeing support for every employee, providing the care you need, when you need it, wherever you need it.
We aim to deliver all of our appointments online through our Yodha™ system.
Online appointments provide three key benefits; an increase in efficiency for appointments per day, all patient outcomes secured directly in our secure EHR system alongside each booking, and an easy to use tool to provide clearance certificates and show online compliance.